Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Craft Night May 2010

Well, despite the devastation that has occurred in Nashville over the last few days, we carried on with Craft Night last night for May. If you follow this blog and do not live in Nashville or haven't heard about the flooding, please take time to visit one of these websites and consider donating to the people effected by this disaster.,,

Different areas were effected more than others and Nashville is really showing it's spirit by jumping in to volunteer to help. If you read this and do live in Nashville, check out Hands On Nashville ( to donate your time, money, and supplies. Many people lost their entire homes. Thanks so much for those of you that will help and already have.

On to craft friend Pam is a rep for Club Scrap paper company and we had been wanting to get together to make some cool hand-sewn books. She came to show us how last night! We had such a blast. Here is her example of a book she made:

It was such a fun and rewarding process. We learned how to fold the page signatures, glue ribbon in for the binding, sew the binding with waxed linen thread, cover the book board with decorative papers, and finish the books off with a lovely ribbon tie. Here are Katie, Jenny, Moriah, and I working hard.

Here's a shot of some of the supplies:

These are some examples of some other books Pam has made in different sizes. She also has many cool kits she sells to create books as well as awesome scrapbook page layouts.

Here's Pam showing Jenny and Moriah a few things about book making.

Here is the book I made!

Thanks for coming out Pam!!

We all wound up with lovely finished projects. We're planning on giving them for gifts: birthday, Mother's Day, graduation. They make lovely journals or photo albums.

If you'd like to learn more about this project and others, you can visit her site at to check out their great items. They also have some free videos and instructions on how to make some of the projects. You can even host your own book-making party if you want! Thanks for coming out ladies. It was a fun evening. Look for the June craft night details coming soon!

P.S. Jill, we miss you! Hope you're having fun with little Addison :)