Friday, September 4, 2009

Craft Night Take One

Craft Night Take One
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Happy Friday everyone! Our first Craft Nashy Craft Night last evening was a total success! Thanks to everyone who braved the Titans game traffic and came to participate! We had such a fun time, met new people, and made lovely hair accessories just in time for the weekend. :) Mattie and Kodi enjoyed craft night too! (See Mattie's smile at the bottom of the post!) It was so great to see everyone's creativity at work...I know you're jealous of these gorgeous pieces we made!

Well, you don't have to be jealous for long. Here are some instructions on making your own at home. I found all of these supplies at Joann's and CVS:

-headband/hair clip
-hot glue gun
-waxed paper
-Alene's Clear Tacky Glue
-ribbon (it's good to get some the same width of your headbands)
-felt glue

*There's no right or wrong way to do this!

Option 1: Clip small feathers away from their fluffy parts and glue them in an overlapping fashion across the whole headband.

Option 2: Collect a cluster of feathers, lay them on the waxed paper and glue them at the tips with a small glob of hot glue. Then you can apply this cluster to the side of the headband, wrapping the glob of glue in ribbon to hide it. It's nice to put a button at the "center" of the cluster to add a nice detail.

Option 3: Open the hair clip and cover the top part with a small piece of felt, just the size of the clip. Create another cluster of feathers and apply it to the felt with the felt glue. Again, you can add a button to center the design.

There are many more options that all you creative folks can come up with! Someone suggested making a hairpiece and adding the black netting like you see in vintage pieces. I think that would be adorable. The sky's the limit. There are many stores that sell items like this if you need inspiration. also has a project they title "Fashion Headbands" if you need additional ideas. Have fun making your new accessories! Hope you can join us for the next craft night in October. Thanks again to everyone who came and made this first event a great success! xoxo

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monthly Craft Night Take 1

Here is just a sample of what we'll be making this Thursday for our first craft night! This headband was super simple, but also super inexpensive to make! We'll also be making hair clips that are a little more involved, but I just thought I'd post this as something to get that creativity flowing. See you Thursday!