Monday, February 8, 2010

Another finished x-stitch!

You can ask the hubby Russ...I could not put this down this weekend until it was all finished. This piece is going up in our baby boy's nursery as a part of the whole Woodland theme! Yay for one more piece of the nursery puzzle being completed :)

How are your cross stitch pieces turning out?!


Laura said...

I LOVE this!!!!

Rach said...

I love this piece too.
Did you make up the pattern or is it available in a book or online?

I'm not sure how this site works or if you can directly reply to me but I'll keep checking back :)

Laura said...

Rachel, I saw the pattern online and kind of made a pattern up for our craft night. I think I still have a copy of it, but it may take a bit of searching. Leave your email address if you want!