Friday, February 5, 2010

Cross stitch!

This past Tuesday we took on the task of Cross Stitch for our February installment of Craft Night! Although somewhat tedious, I think we all agree cross stitch is fairly easy, and totally awesome! Here's a list of what you'll need for your cross stitch project, and some tips for all of you first time cross stitchers...


*DMC floss in any colors you want for your design
*Cross stitch fabric (called Aida cloth) There are many different sizes of this cloth.
A 14 count Aida cloth will fill a 6" diameter embroidery hoop (so, the design is approx. 6" wide
and 6" high). The count of this size cloth means there are 14 x's in 1 inch.
**The larger the number of the cloth, the smaller your design will be and vice versa. If you buy
a pattern or kit, it will recommend a size of cloth.

*Cross stitch needle/Tapestry Needle (these have a blunter end on them than embroidery needles, so b
e sure
to get a cross stitch needle!)
*Embroidery hoop that will fit your design (if you're guessing, a 6" hoop is pro
bably good)

Tips to get you started:
* Before you put your Aida cloth in your hoop, fold it in half to find the center of your fabric. Then find the center of your design on your pattern. Using these reference points will keep your design in your hoop, and not trailing off of your hoop!

* For our project we needed just 2 strands of the floss. Cut a length of DMC floss (approx 12 - 18"), and separate 1 strand from the floss. Next thread the 2 ends of the floss through your needle so there is a loop at the end. When starting your first stitch, to avoid knotting the end, after you've made your first diagonal stitch, thread the needle through the loop at the end and pull to secure (see pic below)

(sorry for the blurry pictures...this was the best my iphone could do!)

*To keep your stitches from looking jumbled, work half of the cross stitch from left to right (always pulling your floss through the cloth the same direction, ie: top left to bottom right) all the way across one row, and then go back across the same row right to left finishing each cross stitch (see pic below)

Here is a great link with more explanations on cross stitch, techniques, etc:

I haven't finished my cross stitch piece yet,

but hopefully this...

will look something like this...
when it's all said and done!

Also wanted to give a quick shout out to a super sweet Cross Stitch blog chez sucre chez. We just love her designs, and her love of Cross Stitch. Check out her etsy for art, kits, and other beautiful cross stitch and embroidery things!

We'd love to see your craft night projects when they're finished, so send your pictures to or and we'll post em here on the Craft Nashy blog!

Happy Crafting!

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